Ft Lauderdale, Florida   to   San Juan, Puerto Rico






Panel shot of moving map. On route Q100 over the Gulf of Mexico. Departed prior to a front, had perfect weather for a smooth flight, last hour at night.

Off at 13:05 lcl, 19:05 UTC.

Heavy, took about 3500’ but performance acceptable. Thirty minutes later, out of sight of land in the Gulf of Mexico. Taking the Q route over water. Quartering tailwind, 30 knots. Climbing LOP, 130 TAS 14 gph, highest CHT, 5, is 330. Filed for 110, but stopped at 90.


Gulf Sunset.

The first of many sunsets I'll leave behind.

Second leg.

New territory. Off at 11:25, need to work on efficient departures.

At Turks and Caicos, began to get scattered cbs, climbed to 110 from 050. Looking at another night arrival, now at a strange ap. Bad weather over DR to the south, but smooth and clear at 110 enroute. Able to charge batteries, run computers, talk on the phone. The moon is rising to my left, so at least I’ll have some light. ILS 8 to landing, friendly help from Airport Aviation Services.



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Last Updated: January 4, 2006