San Juan to Cayenne, French Guyana




Off at 8:15 local, the ATC people at San Juan were wonderfully helpful, asking questions about the trip. Filed for 11,000, above a solid layer for most of the trip. Glimpses of Martinique, and Barbados, then clearing over open ocean to Cayenne. Large storms outline the coast of South America, but Cayenne is VFR, ceiling about 1500, visual to 8.

Airport formalities take about 2 hours, they are not used to GA international flights. The next day, I go to the airport at 10:00, and buy $827 USD gas, file my flight plan with the office, talk with the met guy (a pilot), and checked the plane over. I also paid the airport fees, and hope to be able to depart 0600 (0900 UTC) tomorrow for Sal. Weather is good except here, with 20 headwind at 5000, 30 tailwind at 18,000. Filed for 11,000, then 15,000 2 hours out. The ITCZ is south from here, no issue for the flight.





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Last Updated: January 4, 2006