Colombo to Singapore





Colombo to Singapore

I wake up to the hotel phone, feeling like an extended stay in Colombo would be nice. I have found everyone very friendly and helpful, and I don’t feel like getting up, at all. I have a service call in Singapore and must be off, though. About 2 minutes after the wake up call, the bellman is at the door, and he helps me pack, checks the room and leads me to the desk and cab. My last t-shirt, no socks, washed but dazed, I wake up some in the cab, and get to the airport the normal amount late. I find my handler, and am walked through quite a few offices, where I get my weather briefing (looks Ok except possibility of isolated thunderstorms on arrival), pay my airport fees (40 USD for handling, 10 USD total fee for the airport). I’m out at the plane for departure, thinking about that delicious fiery hot curry from the night before. I taxi out for departure between two huge jets, and roll out for takeoff, trying to get above the path of my preceding traffic.

I am climbing over rising terrain, and out over the water again. I get a new frequency from Colombo on the HF, and give it a hopeful try. Works perfectly. Major sigh of relief. Options and independence, some wire and duct tape. And I have a 15 knot tailwind, not a bad start at all.


Mountains southeast of Colombo



Approaching Singapore

I am flying at 110, and get a message from Medan that I need 130 after MABIX, and 140 5 minutes before Medan VOR, no problems there. I have breakfast (a coke), then later lunch (a coke), and the flight proceeds uneventfully. More and more weather appears in front, visually, but stormscope stays clear. Later, I near Medan, and climb as requested, using the last 1000 psi of oxygen. There is a huge storm over Medan, and I deviate right of course to clear it. Lumpur Control takes over, and there are some big storms ahead. I have to deviate right or left for a towering storm and choose left for some reason, behind it. I get through some layers and light rain, but a pretty good ride for how bad it looked. I watch as the other side of the storm grows worse and worse on the stormscope,


Lousy picture of Singapore. Country starts at the water way in front, ends at the sea behind.


Singapore brings me down to 070, then 040, then around for vectors to the VFR only Seletar. Standard left hand pattern ( I have to stop taking pictures on final, people must think I’m tired or something) to landing. The tower controller asks how long my flight was, 10:15 or so. I spent about 22 of the last 34 hours flying, but don’t feel too bad. The ground won’t stop moving, but that’s about it.


Short final at Seletar


After being marshaled to parking, and the handler gave me a ride to pleasant customs experience, and then we work out arrangements for maintenance the next morning. Have to do a real fix on the HF, oil and filter change, replace a failing backup AI, and some other odds and ends. I will also get my oxygen bottles filled.


Two hard days work, time for a rest and some new oil.



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Last Updated: January 8, 2006