Malta to Luxor, Egypt




Flight plan filing and fueling was very easy day prior to departure. My route was accepted first time. Complete weather was easily obtained from the computer in the flight planning office. Not absolutely sure of gas in Luxor, I load about 210 gallons.

Maintenance done earlier consisted of a few minor squawks, oil change, and checking the nose tire. Now when full it holds air, it must have been the valve stem sticking. My send off is very pleasant, rather than a taxi ride, Mr. Guy Gerada, my host for my stay, drove me to the airport and assisted me through the procedures, and I am delivered to the plane in plenty of time for my departure. I initially wanted to depart using the longest runway, but as I line up into the sun with wet windows, I change my mind, I can’t see a thing, so I take 24, which has more than enough room. Take off is easy, but I have trouble loading my new departure, and the tower helps out kindly, and I’m on the way.

About one minute after departure, I’m back over water, climbing under some stratus for 110. The air is smooth, everything seems to be working well. The sea is a beautiful blue, there are ships about, and after a while, Greece appears on the left with Crete ahead. Crete is quite beautiful, with 10,000 foot snow capped peaks and steep shorelines, old towns in the hills. At Sitia on the east coast of Crete, I turn southeast for Cairo, but get rerouted via El Daba, there is an MEA segment ahead that I can’t make. I will miss seeing the pyramids.


                       Northern coast of Crete


Snowcapped peaks in Crete






Before long, the north coast of Africa appears, then passes beneath. The Sahara desert stretches before me, and the view is absolutely unlimited. The dunes are in lines and various geometric shapes, and look somewhat like the clouds above. Despite being able to see forever, there is nothing but sand.


                                                               North coast of Africa 150 west of Cairo



A new form of Welcome, as I flew through the Sahara at 13,000


New Valley Airport 120 miles west of Luxor

The route I’m given is to New Valley, then a 90 degree turn, about 120 added miles, but direct requests are met with “no.”   The enroute time expands to about 8 hours, but it passes quickly.

The Nile valley is ahead, and they give me a visual to 2 R. The haze and setting sun make the airport impossible to see, but the plane rolls out onto final, and the runway is ahead.

I am directed to parking, where I am met by a handler. We fuel the aircraft.   There is so much help available, three firemen, two soldiers, three fuelers, a bus driver, a couple of helpers and everyone wants a word with me.

The trip was just over 8 hours, 98 gallons used, about 1300 nm.

On the ground at Luxor sunset


Temple in Luxor


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Last Updated: January 4, 2006